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Sounds great! Now we’ll jump into the assessment. You’ll be presented with a series of statements. For each of these statements, simply pick on the scale how accurately it describes your brand.

At the end, you’ll receive a free PDF with some useful brand pointers moving forward.

I have clearly defined my target customer and have a solid understanding of my competitors/similar brands in my niché. *

My brand has a clearly defined essence, personality, core values, and customer promise. *

My brand is regularly recommended to others by current and past customers. *

My brand has a professionally-designed logo along with a brand identity system and style guide that helps maintain visual unity across all brand elements. *

I have an organized collection of taglines, copy, advertisements, photos, and other brand identity elements ready for easy access and use. *

My brand has become synonymous with my market or category. *

There are specific products, services, or ventures I will not pursue if they don’t fit within my brand’s essence and values—even if they provide income growth. *

My brand has at least one clear, differentiating benefit from competitors/others in my niché or market that cannot easily be replicated. *

Customers are willing to pay a higher premium (in comparison to the average or norm for the market) for my your brand’s products and services because of the trust and level of quality it has established. *

I have a clearly established brand hierarchy or architecture that includes my parent brand(s), sub-brands, and any subsequent, independently-branded products or services. *

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